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  • Smashing The Water Hammer: How To Find The Right Check Valve

    7 July 2016

    Water hammer is an effect that results from high-pressure shock waves that result from fluids that cannot be compressed. The shock waves result from the water suddenly needing to stop within a pipe. This is especially a problem when the water is flying at a high velocity, when there is a large volume of water and when there are elevation changes in the piping. To avoid this problem, you need the right check valve.

  • How To Protect The Exterior Of Your Seaside Hotel

    14 May 2016

    Large structures along the coast require a high level of exterior protection from moisture. The money you have invested in your seaside hotel can be a waste if you do not take steps to ensure the building is protected from moisture, high winds and sunlight. Oceanside structures must also be protected from the corrosive effects of salt water. Learn more about protecting your seaside structure from elemental deterioration. Maintaining The Structural Integrity Of Concrete

  • Five Uses For Water Jet Cutting

    11 March 2016

    Water jet cutting is a technique where water is continually sprayed on the cutting blade to keep it from overheating and to keep it clean. This type of cutting has a myriad of industrial applications, just a few of which are listed below: 1. Tile and stone. The dense nature of tile and stone will cause a regular saw blade to overheat after just a few uses. Working with a water jet saw prevents this from happening.

  • How To Protect Your Alloy 20 Pipes From Iron

    1 February 2016

    Iron contamination is a major problem for stainless steel pipes. Even a small degree of iron contamination when stainless steel is being welded can cause corrosion that can later ruin the pipe. Once the rust has bloomed, it will cause pitted corrosion if it is not treated. While alloyed iron is harmless and is also a major part of the creation of stainless steel, unalloyed iron needs to be prevented and removed if the stainless steel is exposed to it.

  • 2 Methods For Connecting Tubing And Quick Connect Fittings

    18 January 2016

    PEX is a bendable type of plastic piping that uses a specialized chemical process to strengthen and toughen the pipe. Since it can withstand a wide array of different temperatures, many people are turning to it for their residential plumbing needs. One of the best parts of this piping is that you can easily connect it. Its flexibility allows the pipe to bend and shape around all of the corners in your home quickly and easily.

  • Four Amazing Hydraulic Systems In Ancient History

    16 May 2014

    Hydraulic systems are fluid-driven mechanisms that use the transfer of force through an incompressible liquid to do work. If you're familiar with hydraulic systems, then you know that they permeate our modern-day lives. They can be seen everywhere, on things such bulldozers, backhoes, and heavy machinery on construction sites. They can also be seen in industrial settings on things such as forklifts and hydraulic presses. Even the brakes on your car operate on a hydraulic system!