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The Importance Of Buying Animal-Friendly Private Label Cosmetics

by Pamela Hill

Private label cosmetics, especially higher-end company products, often perform testing and research with each cosmetic product they make. However, if you stop to think about it, testing on live subjects is relatively unnecessary unless the company produces potentially harmful cosmetics. In some cases, some of these familiar cosmetic companies test their products on animals. If that thought makes you a little uncomfortable, here are some reasons why it is important that you buy animal-friendly cosmetics.

Beauty Without Pain

If a company has to test its products on animal skin, it is because the company has used ingredients that could cause a bad and/or harmful reaction in humans. Their ingredients are not natural, but chemically-based. Think of it this way-- what is not good for the lab animal is also not good for you.

Companies that produce all natural cosmetics and therefore do not test on animals are the types of cosmetics you want. If you invest in all-natural products that clearly state on the label that the products have not been tested on animals, you are supporting companies and personal ideals of beauty without pain. It sends a message to companies that do test on animals that you will not buy their products until they change how they make them and test them.

Healthier You

Cosmetics that have not been tested on animals (because it was not necessary to do so) are also healthier for you. They provide you with a safer, cleaner, gentler option to make yourself pretty, smell good and look nice. They also do not contain harsh chemicals that could later be deemed carcinogenic (i.e., cancer-causing).

Despite the numerous trials that some cosmetic companies go through when they test on animals, it does not tell them the whole long-term story. People who use these cosmetics for years rather than the months of research that lab animals are exposed to often find that their cosmetics first harmed the animals, but not enough to not put the product on the market. If you avoid products tested on animals, you avoid all the risks of the unknown long-term effects.

How to Buy Animal-Friendly Private Label Cosmetics

Virtually all animal-friendly cosmetics state on the label that the products have not been tested on animals. You can also buy organic cosmetics and/or cosmetics that are comprised entirely of all natural ingredients. If you can pronounce every ingredient on the label of your cosmetics, it is a safe bet that it was not tested on animals. If you're looking for a company that can create you a batch of lotion, small or large, try FASTFILL Fulfillment.