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3 Important Things to Focus on When Choosing Packaging for Your E-Commerce Products

by Pamela Hill

If you own an e-commerce business, then shipping your products out to your customers probably takes up a big part of your work day. One thing that you might not have focused much on is the actual packaging that you use for shipping your products, but this is important. These are a few of the main things that you should focus on when choosing packaging for your e-commerce products.

1. Branding

First of all, you should think about branding. Plain, run-of-the-mill packaging is quite boring and does not stand out. Since the box that the item comes in is the first thing that a customer see when he or she receives a package from your company, you'll want to do what you can to make a good first impression. Having custom-made boxes made with your company logo is a good start for branding purposes.

2. Protection

Another very important thing that you'll want to focus on when choosing packaging for your e-commerce business is how well it will protect your products. After all, the last thing that you probably want is for your customers to receive broken or otherwise damaged merchandise. This can be upsetting for the customers and can cause reputation issues for your business. Replacing and shipping out replacements for any products that are damaged can also be costly. Choosing appropriately sized boxes and making sure that you use plenty of bubble wrap or other protective materials should be a top priority when it comes to shipping out your products.

3. Shipping Cost

Shipping can get very expensive. If you charge your customers too much for shipping, it can make them second-guess buying something from your company. Instead, they could turn to a company that offers free shipping or could buy an item in-store rather than online. If you shoulder the cost of the shipping, however, you could take a major loss if you don't choose affordable packaging. Choosing large envelopes and plastic pouches rather than boxes is a good, cost-effective option whenever possible, and making sure that boxes are not any bigger than they have to be can also help you save money on shipping costs.

As you can see, there are a few important things that you should focus on when choosing packaging for your e-commerce products. Talk to a professional like those at Canyon State Box and Container to ensure that you get the right packaging for your products.