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What Is The Truth About Geothermal Systems?

by Pamela Hill

Geothermal systems are becoming more commonplace in homes and businesses. Even though there are significant energy savings associated with the systems, many homeowners and business owners are shying away from installing them. Many of those doubts come from misconceptions and misinformation. To help you make a more informed decision about whether or not a system would be right for your home or business, here are some truths about those misconceptions. 

Geothermal Systems Only Work in Certain Areas

One prevailing misconception about geothermal systems is that it only works in certain areas and during certain times of the year. For instance, some believe that the system does not work as well in colder climates and especially not during the winter months.  

In reality, regardless of where your home or business is located, a geothermal system is capable of heating or cooling it. The system relies on the underground temperatures to keep functioning. No matter how cold it is outside, the underground temperature tends to maintain a somewhat steady level. As a result, the geothermal's heat pump is able to extract the heat that is needed to keep the system functioning.  

Geothermal Systems Require a Lot of Space

A geothermal system sounds as if it would take a considerable amount of room to install and use, but in actuality, it does not. Most of the system's components are placed beneath the ground. The pipes for it only require a few square feet. Therefore, you do not have to worry about finding additional space for the installation.  

In addition to this, the geothermal system also is available in various sizes and configurations. No matter how much room you have available, you should be able to find a system that works for you. 

Geothermal Systems Are Not Worth the Investment

A geothermal system is a considerable investment upfront. A complete installation of the system can start at $10,000. How expensive it turns out to be depends on the cost of labor for installation and the actual unit.  

Although the initial investment is considerable, the savings that your home or business experience can make it worthwhile. According to one source, you could potentially save $1,617 on your energy costs in a year. You could also potentially qualify for tax credits for investing in an energy efficient appliance.  

Before making your final decision on a geothermal system, consider talking to a professional like Ragan Mechanical Inc . You can learn more about your expected savings and how the system operates.