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Several Tips For Avoiding Problems With Your Air Compressor

by Pamela Hill

An air compressor can be an essential device for many of your business's tools. However, it is a reality that many business owners are not especially aware of the steps that will need to be taken to avoid problems with these devices. To help ensure that your air compressor avoids some routine problems, you should make it a point to follow these three basic maintenance tips.

Inspect The Fasteners Before Each Use

Your air compressor will require a number of fasteners to hold it together. Unfortunately, an air compressor can create intense vibrations while it is being used. These vibrations can cause the fasteners to start to come loose, which can impact the performance of these systems. As a result, you should thoroughly inspect each fastener on the exterior of the air compressor to ensure that they have not started to loosen. While doing this prior to each use of the air compressor will take a few extra minutes of preparation, it can be worth it to avoid the problems of an unstable air compressor.

Empty The Condensation Collector Following Each Use

Commercial air compressors can intake a tremendous amount of air over the course of use. In the process of compressing this air, it will be unable to retain all of its moisture, which can lead to the formation of large amounts of condensation. To prevent the condensation from damaging the air compressor, you should make sure to empty the condensation after each time that you use the air compressor.

Keep The Compressor In An Open Area While In Use

When you are using the air compressor, you will need to ensure that the air compressor is able to get sufficient airflow. To this end, it may be advisable to ensure that there is at least a foot or more of space on each side of the compressor that is outfitted with vents. If the air compressor is unable to get a sufficient inflow of air, it may struggle to function, which can greatly increase the wear and tear that it sustains.

Using an air compressor can be a routine task for you or your employees. However, it can be common for individuals to rarely think about the type of care and maintenance that these devices require. By making sure that you are inspecting the fasteners prior to each use, emptying the condensation collector when you are done with it, and ensure the device is getting sufficient air flow, you can avoid some routine problems with these devices. Talk with companies that supply and repair air compressors to check it out.