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Properly Caring For Your Warehouse Vehicle's Aluminum Flatbed

by Pamela Hill

If you own a warehouse which requires the hauling of items out of the building to be shipped to customers, and you just purchased a vehicle with an aluminum flatbed to do the task, it will be important to take special care in its maintenance to avoid unnecessary damage. Aluminum is a sturdy material that will last for many years if it is properly cared for. Here are some tips you can use to ensure the aluminum bed of your vehicle stays in the best possible condition so it lasts for a long time as a result.

Clean The Surface To Remove Debris

It is important to clean your vehicle's body often to remove debris before it has a chance to accumulate as this makes it more difficult to remove as a result. Wash down the surface using a pressure washer or garden hose after hauling materials to remove any remnants left behind. For harder to remove grime, use an aluminum acid-washing agent. This can be found in an automobile parts store. It can be applied to the vehicle using a sprayer. Use a battery-powered or electric toothbrush to rub the material into the surface in areas where grime is crusted upon the aluminum to help work the acid wash into the metal. 

Minimize The Chance Of Corrosion

Aluminum tends to corrode over time. To help keep this from happening prematurely, it is important to dry the aluminum immediately after it gets wet to ensure it does not rust due to moisture accumulation. Dry the metal by hand using a thick piece of microfiber cloth to help keep the surface from scratching during the process. If possible, use a heater inside an enclosed area to aid in drying the aluminum promptly. Keeping your vehicle in an enclosed area during times inclement weather are present will also help keep corrosion at bay.

Consider Adding A Protective Coating

An aluminum protectant can be applied directly to the metal bed to help keep elements and debris from altering its look and structure. This is usually in the form of a polishing agent. Simply use a clean piece of microfiber cloth to apply the agent directly to the metal. A buffer can then be used to work the polish over the surface of the bed evenly. It is a good idea to use rubber mats or pieces of carpet on top of your aluminum flatbed to protect it when you haul material as well.