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How To Protect The Exterior Of Your Seaside Hotel

by Pamela Hill

Large structures along the coast require a high level of exterior protection from moisture. The money you have invested in your seaside hotel can be a waste if you do not take steps to ensure the building is protected from moisture, high winds and sunlight. Oceanside structures must also be protected from the corrosive effects of salt water. Learn more about protecting your seaside structure from elemental deterioration.

Maintaining The Structural Integrity Of Concrete

Concrete is a strong building material, but it is vulnerable to moisture because it has water already in it. For a concrete structure nearby the ocean, the risk of water damage is even greater. Ensuring your concrete structure is protected with specially formulated elastomeric coatings is absolutely essential for long-term durability. Elastomeric coatings are designed to keep external moisture out while also allowing the concrete to breathe, thus reducing the risk of internal moisture build-up that can cause cracking and swelling. However, external weather-proofing coatings must be properly applied in order to provide the longest protection. For this reason, hiring a professional with experience in the application of industrial waterproofing materials is wise.

Protection From The Salt In Ocean Water

Structures near or on the coastline are at a much higher risk of corrosion because of the salt in ocean water. Salt can cause metal parts of your building to rust faster. The wiring and other electrical components in your hotel are also at higher risk because of salt corrosion. The salt in ocean water is capable of carrying an electrical charge, a danger you face if your structure is flooded because of storms like hurricanes. Salt in ocean water can also cause great damage to the mortar in bricks. Contacting a professional for helping you protect your seaside hotel from the damaging effects of salt water is extremely important for maintaining your investment in it.

The Sunny Side Of Things

Most concrete materials are not vulnerable to the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays of the sun. However, the coatings you select for protecting concrete may be vulnerable to the effects of the sun. The money you invest in special concrete coatings should be in products that are resistant to ultraviolet ray damage. Taking steps to protect your structure is easier when you take the time to do your research about the various products available for helping you to do so.

Investing in a hotel by the sea can be one of the most profitable, especially during tourist season. By taking steps to protect your hotel, you have better chances of looking forward to many profitable seasons.