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2 Methods For Connecting Tubing And Quick Connect Fittings

by Pamela Hill

PEX is a bendable type of plastic piping that uses a specialized chemical process to strengthen and toughen the pipe. Since it can withstand a wide array of different temperatures, many people are turning to it for their residential plumbing needs. One of the best parts of this piping is that you can easily connect it. Its flexibility allows the pipe to bend and shape around all of the corners in your home quickly and easily. You can connect the piping using push-to-connect technology or crimp rings. 

If you opt to go with the compression method, you are going to need certain tools and a firm understanding of how to properly compress the ring to ensure the connection is nice and secure. On the other hand, the quick connect method doesn't require prior experience or special tools to get the job done. To learn more about the two options, explore the information below.

Push Connect Fitting Method

If you are opting to install your PEX tubing using the push connect fittings, you are going to have to cut, clean and mark your tubing to prepare it for this method of connection. Instead of having to go out and buy a bunch of specialized tools to get the job done, you can simply push your fitting directly on the tubing until you hear it snap tight. This helps ensure you won't have to deal with a bunch of leaks after application. It also prevents any over or under-tightening.

PEX Crimping Fittings

Those who don't have experience using crimp rings might find this method far more complicated to do. You have to make sure the rings aren't tightened too much or left too loose, otherwise, you end up with a bunch of leaks. When that happens, you have to start all over again. You still have to cut, clean and mark your tube. Then, you put the ring over your smooth end. Push your fitting in until it is resting securely against the edge. Push the crimp ring to within a quarter-inch of the pipe's end to cover the fitting. Tighten by hand. You then use the crimping tool to tighten the ring and secure the connection. Be careful when tightening or you could damage the crimp and end up having to start all over again.

By using one of the two methods above, you can secure your piping in no time. However, you need to choose the method that is going to work the best for you and your needs before embarking on the project.